My eyes


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Toxic to my poison.

When a flower died from the harshness of winter.
The sun rises flowing in as spring, i think i have a temper.
Aging in sap made of broking hearts.
How do i still see a light beaming,
Even when the deep sea is so dark.
My past became my poison,
Slowly killing me inside out.
My youth tripled in age far past my number, ohh the gout.
Lights are dimmer. Strength is fainting. Bones are collapsing.
The poison started in the mind
Questioning my masculine.
Faith and hope my foundations,
Cannot be stood on any longer.
So i give in to the cureless poison. Submission. I'm not getting any younger.
But there a whisper breaks wind, my eyes are feed with bread of life.
Arise! A quickening jumps my body like a car battery with no life.
A glow, like an aurora shines obviously bright. I have sight.
My strength rises again and the poison starts to loose its might.
As dense my heart was, it begins to fill lite.
My heart beats faster when i have her in my sight.
Is my poisoning weakening, as i start to overcome my feats.
The urge to become stronger, the purpose to reach your goals peak.
Her voice rebuilds a falling temple,
Her presence shines on my hope.
Her scent is my pheromone taste, and toxic gas to the poisons yoke.
My weakness is here strength,
Her sensuality is my sunlight.
A touch electrocutes through the veins lasting through the night.
Thoughts of the image of her in my mind reoccurs every driving miles.
The toxic to the poison that weakens me comes from her lovely smile.

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