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Thursday, July 26, 2012

original poems #1


It’s time to sleep after we cry and weep.
It’s the time of sleep; make your dream fall deep.
She wondered, when will I ever leave this apartment
Being too apart, she mint to sleep apart from under the grand department.
Of a temporary building and un-owned land,
She’s tired of the help in hand, time to make a plan.
So she thought up of something that was better than nothing.
Singing is what she does best, a God-given gift that was place on her breast.
Expressing her gift beginning with the streets then went local.
Now, she is free, because she found the key in her vocal.
Twist of fate from rough rides through life.
She was blistered on the side walks and now she can become a wife.
Turning from local news to interviews with Byron Jones,
Her voice is fierce until they hit the bones.
Children are influenced, women felt more deliverance
As more men indulge with lust, and her savings starts to bust.
Chills and tingles travels through her body,
Her life starts to fade, this must be a robbery.
Times up and her deep sleep is now over
Now she wakes up from her sleep in anguish, then rollovers.

Part 2 coming out soon...

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Success Speech (for future use)

After being successful I knew that I would have to give honor to whom and when honor is due.

So i believe in honoring my supporters and lovers in private, and honor my enemies out in the blue.

So here is my success speech, may all my honors reach.

Thank you for the burdens, the heavy baggage that made life so worsen.

Thank you for the closed doors, and all the mis-opportunities that left me on the shore!

Thank you for the prejudice jobs, all the companies that wouldn't hire me because my name wasn't John or Bob.

Thank you for the D's and F's in my class, the teachers never thought I would actually pass.

Thank you for all the cheaters, unbelievers, and the promise deceivers.

Thank you for all my haters, non-participators, and even the opinionated debaters.

Thank you for the sassy lips, the prissy trips, and all the checks that was counterfeit!

Thank you for the shifty eyes, unbelievable lies, and even making a grown man cry.

Thank you for casting destiny spells, for the tattle tales, and especially taken me through hell.

Thank you for all the traffic tickets, and the government trying to keep me as a statistic.

For without everyone listed above help, I would of never learn to ask God for his help.

And oh yeah because Satan made it a priority to come against me, he just force The Lord Jesus to stand with me.

This is my success speech.

Writing by:
Clarence J. Young III

Friday, July 20, 2012

From the script story: The Link

This story is base in the southern hemisphere in the tropical rain forest. Two search ops soldiers wonder around after being attack near enemy lines. Only survivals from their entourage they search for check points clearance.

          Ext. Dark pathway in the wilderness, Night
          Two guys running through the woods late night!
          TWO-SHOT: Josh and ANdrew

          Running from a past event to two kins sticks together
          escaping from one journey to another. Without a care in the
          world they leap into a new fate with open arms.

          Josh suddenly stops in the middle of the woods.

                    Wait, wait
                         (spreads his arms wide open as
                         a barrel for Andrew)

                         (Breaths Heavily)
                    What is it? Why are we stopping

                    Wait, look up at the stars, and
                    listen to the winds. We must use
                    them both as our guides.

                    Where are we?

                         (Searching up at the sky)
                    Dont know yet, but we are heading

                    How do you know that?

                    Don't ask too many questions blood!
                    You gotta trust me on this one.

                    Alright! I will, lets go...
          long shot: from the sky...



Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Seg lives in anxiety, heart broken by life cold blooded ways, back turned to him, burning his footsteps every time he takes a step ahead. Age 28, college graduated, no friends, no family, lives with his cat, he is a furniture upholstery. Median height, average size, passive attitude, tense, and he wears glasses.

As he walks down the aisle he reaches for his most desirable communion, after he holds it, his moment of aspirations comes when he feels like he will finally get the answer to his question in heart! Seg close his eyes. Then...

Seg asks, "Why doesn't anyone like me. I don't feel love, no girl wants me, I can't get a job, and I really don't have any friends.
I just don't understand, Im very friendly to everyone, I show respect, I'm very submissive, I listen very well. I try to relate to people's feelings, I'm the most loyal friend you can ever have. You can travel back in time, track my breadcrumbs, and backtrack every footstep I've walk since I've been on earth. You won't ever find a bad taste, flavor, burnt marks, or any hurt towards anyone. I've never been unapologetic, always put my trust on the table first, remained hospitable to anyone. Racism, hate, prejudice, envy, shame, ruddiness, and control have never hung on my tree limbs and branches. Why do i get treated so hatefully, so despised, untrusted, disturbing, as if I'm a liar, a cheater, a deceiver, and so forth". 
Will I ever find love, friends, a real purpose in life?

After Seg release his heart towards his possession, he opens his eyes looks toward the magic 8 ball that he had in his hands, shakes it real hard, and looks at the center of the ball where the triangular screen reveals his answer. Seg heart beats really fast.

Magic 8 ball answers, "Focus and ask again!"

Seg becomes teary eyes, first sign of unstable anger, but he is to shy and ashamed to let his feeling out in public stores. So he cusses and toss the ball toward the shelf from where he pick it up and then walks away. As he walks away the magic 8 ball bounce and rolls off from the shelf and hits the floor with a loud "thump". Seg jumps and quickly looks back then turns back around noticing that no one else was around, and he quickly walks away.