Monday, July 31, 2017

In Spirit tested by Fire!

by: CJY

  • How do I know I was in love, why does it hurts when they leave or move on. Love is not suppose to hurt or cause pain. Why am I in pain?
  • Fighting for her heart and maintaining my love for her on a regular basis was/is not a easy job. Working hard for anything should bring success but no amount of hard work should show failure like this on this level. Maybe im not working, or not am i smart, or working for the wrong thing.
  • I had to test my self to see where Im at. To see if I was living a lie, or loving a lie, or not really loving at all. Have to shine the light on the darkness to reveal the truth. But how?
  • Seeking spirit to find truth, tested the fire to learn of it authenticity. My love for her is real despite of her not loving me back or loving someone else.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Toxic to my poison.

When a flower died from the harshness of winter.
The sun rises flowing in as spring, i think i have a temper.
Aging in sap made of broking hearts.
How do i still see a light beaming,
Even when the deep sea is so dark.
My past became my poison,
Slowly killing me inside out.
My youth tripled in age far past my number, ohh the gout.
Lights are dimmer. Strength is fainting. Bones are collapsing.
The poison started in the mind
Questioning my masculine.
Faith and hope my foundations,
Cannot be stood on any longer.
So i give in to the cureless poison. Submission. I'm not getting any younger.
But there a whisper breaks wind, my eyes are feed with bread of life.
Arise! A quickening jumps my body like a car battery with no life.
A glow, like an aurora shines obviously bright. I have sight.
My strength rises again and the poison starts to loose its might.
As dense my heart was, it begins to fill lite.
My heart beats faster when i have her in my sight.
Is my poisoning weakening, as i start to overcome my feats.
The urge to become stronger, the purpose to reach your goals peak.
Her voice rebuilds a falling temple,
Her presence shines on my hope.
Her scent is my pheromone taste, and toxic gas to the poisons yoke.
My weakness is here strength,
Her sensuality is my sunlight.
A touch electrocutes through the veins lasting through the night.
Thoughts of the image of her in my mind reoccurs every driving miles.
The toxic to the poison that weakens me comes from her lovely smile.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

You gotta be real.!

You gotta be real
No fear nothing to feel.
Mind Strong standalone
Make sure nothing goes wrong.
Think son dont run
Get it all done.
Never stop never quit
Make this -ish legit.
Take in and take all
Im never gonna let you
Youll never gonna get it.
Im not tired im not down
You just made me mad
This isnt over because
Im not going down without a fight
Youve awoking something in me.
Something ive been hiding
Something ive been awaiting.
The true me the real _
I told you not to do it
Not to try me.
Just to leave me alone
I just wanted peace.
Just to be free. But now
Now I'm coming for it all
And when i get it all. I will
Crush it.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Movie Poems! Episode 2


Who ever imagine a fate in your own hand?
I guess I’m only guilty for being a man with a plan.
I think I knew what it would be like, from the beginning.
My worst enemy, who knew I would end up befriending.
Then again I’m my worst enemy, everything’s opposite,
She is my Candy, the streets are my sanctuary, and I love it.
So how the fuck these niggas can stand up to me,
When I own all this, you see all my symbols stands for “D”.
We created a disease that creeps in from the shadows,
And I was snuff from the back by my own fellows.
I’m face to make a decision for breaking new laws and rules,
Looking at this nigga across from me, ha-ha he’s a mastermind fool!
There’s no greater feeling like holding this barrel to my head,
Except for when Candy holds me and makes sure I’m fed.
Swallowing my pride, fear, pain, for it can dissolve in my tummy.
Pulling this trigger, while facing death hard like he owes me money.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Seduction has a Colour!


When your mind wonders and falls into the deep dark intimacy and seduction, what color do you see?
When you finally get that first touch, kiss, or even you know what from the one that makes your heart skip a beat, what color do you see?
Is your color "ShadezofBlu".

After reading these stories, i can assure you that Blu will be your favorite color.

@SHADESOFBLU Arts video coming soon...


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Movie Poems!

Up In The Clouds

10 thousand feet up in the sky
You rise with the air very high.
When you look towards the ground every things small,
And realizes who flaunts and who falls.
Puffy as cotton candy yet very tall and very large,
This is a cloud I'm on, wait who is in charge?
Look at this, Im landing on a surface-less surface,
I can't believe what I believe I see is on purpose.
Up in the clouds, inhale, there is no smoke,
The air is both thin and thick I can choke.
Heads pop up like flowers, not one but fifty,
"Welcome", they said, so civilize, I thought like a city!
Up in the clouds, up in the clouds! Feels like I'm Floating,
Yelling very loud, while these people/things starts croaking.
They Disappear, maybe I'm dreaming or hallucinating,
Keep calm my friend, A godly voice speaks and my heart racing.
Welcome to the Rave, the realm of day dreams only in your mind.
We are Valan's and in your reality, this is Cloud Nine.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

You R BEAutiFul!

Poem 4/1/2015

When I look into your eyes, I don’t know why
I see something more special and different
Who can describe this feeling in my chest?
My mind is shrinking and my brain is turning
They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
So in my eyes you are the world that belongs to me only.
Beauty I see in my world is all connect to the Love in me.
Only I can see what the Love has opened in my eyes.
The Love in me comes from the source above.
So the beauty I see was created by Love, which resides in me.
Who put the Love in me would be the creator’s explanation.
When I ask the creator who put this Love in me, the response was,
It was Love that created you, and then I ask where did Love come from.
The creator explained that what created Love exist inside you.
Than I ask who created the creator, the response “Love J”.