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Monday, August 26, 2013

New Life Story

Dreamed by CJ Young,
Writing by CJ Young,
Edited by CJ Young,

Wondering girl........Leya

   Small little girl, who is a wonder er, finds a woman to cling to who tries to get rid of her from out of her life. Mary, the woman, who found the wonder er, constantly justifies the purpose of having a girl with her by lying about her identity. The little girl plays along as the woman keeps changing their names and telling fibs about their life story. All for the purpose to con people to support them, all while Mary secretly tries to release the girl and give her away to a foster family. The little girl, Leya, discovers both her past life as well as Mary's secrets life which eventually builds a great bond amongst the two, until they finally excepts each other fate and true identity to live for.

Photo by Diong.