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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Great Professors...

Developing your career
In time we try to pursue our career goals and plans for our lives, whether we are in school or not in school, you reach a roadblock. You then become discourage and feel like you have known where to turn to. Sometimes is good to back track to find your way, sometimes you should just stop and take your time to think things through, and then at times, you should ask for help. So what better than to ask your formal professors who teaches about the career that you want to be successful in.
From Full Sail University, career advisor Elizabeth S. Block shares a great concept about the challenges of finding work, "When things aren't coming to fruition, you are right to question the reason as that is a great way to find the answers.” 
Also from Full Sail University, professor Bill Thompson gave me a great advice on how to attract attention by doing a daily blog or a twitter in relations to your business. Another great advice he gave, "If you continue to look for a job, the key will be to isolate where the roadblock is and then deal with that."
Finally, from A&T State University, my formal professor who really changed my way of thinking, but technically she works for Elon University now. Professor Nagatha Tonkins, speaks about connecting with other employers whether for a job, interview, or questions, she states, "You have to be a good listener, don't debate with them on their points, and be gracious in thanking them for their time."

So I hope this will not only filled my cup for a while, and fuel my ambition to go on with my career, but I hope it also helps everyone else that reads this passage. Seeking knowledge in every situation is important, question everything, check and then double check, and finally listen to you inner spirit/gut.
Thank you guys for your time...