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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

You gotta be real.!

You gotta be real
No fear nothing to feel.
Mind Strong standalone
Make sure nothing goes wrong.
Think son dont run
Get it all done.
Never stop never quit
Make this -ish legit.
Take in and take all
Im never gonna let you
Youll never gonna get it.
Im not tired im not down
You just made me mad
This isnt over because
Im not going down without a fight
Youve awoking something in me.
Something ive been hiding
Something ive been awaiting.
The true me the real _
I told you not to do it
Not to try me.
Just to leave me alone
I just wanted peace.
Just to be free. But now
Now I'm coming for it all
And when i get it all. I will
Crush it.

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