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Monday, August 17, 2015

Movie Poems! Episode 2


Who ever imagine a fate in your own hand?
I guess I’m only guilty for being a man with a plan.
I think I knew what it would be like, from the beginning.
My worst enemy, who knew I would end up befriending.
Then again I’m my worst enemy, everything’s opposite,
She is my Candy, the streets are my sanctuary, and I love it.
So how the fuck these niggas can stand up to me,
When I own all this, you see all my symbols stands for “D”.
We created a disease that creeps in from the shadows,
And I was snuff from the back by my own fellows.
I’m face to make a decision for breaking new laws and rules,
Looking at this nigga across from me, ha-ha he’s a mastermind fool!
There’s no greater feeling like holding this barrel to my head,
Except for when Candy holds me and makes sure I’m fed.
Swallowing my pride, fear, pain, for it can dissolve in my tummy.
Pulling this trigger, while facing death hard like he owes me money.

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