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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Movie Poems!

Up In The Clouds

10 thousand feet up in the sky
You rise with the air very high.
When you look towards the ground every things small,
And realizes who flaunts and who falls.
Puffy as cotton candy yet very tall and very large,
This is a cloud I'm on, wait who is in charge?
Look at this, Im landing on a surface-less surface,
I can't believe what I believe I see is on purpose.
Up in the clouds, inhale, there is no smoke,
The air is both thin and thick I can choke.
Heads pop up like flowers, not one but fifty,
"Welcome", they said, so civilize, I thought like a city!
Up in the clouds, up in the clouds! Feels like I'm Floating,
Yelling very loud, while these people/things starts croaking.
They Disappear, maybe I'm dreaming or hallucinating,
Keep calm my friend, A godly voice speaks and my heart racing.
Welcome to the Rave, the realm of day dreams only in your mind.
We are Valan's and in your reality, this is Cloud Nine.

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